Why Us

Orasi Digital Media Marketplace is a cloud-based global Business to Business (B2B) platform for licensed media & entertainment content owners and buyers to showcase,  acquire & distribute VOD content and Linear Channels on this platform.

The platform allows sellers to offer content like programs, films, documentaries, short videos, and other audio / video content to buyers such as TV channels, mobile portals, and other resellers who are looking for various types of high-quality content.

Orasi Digital Media Marketplace is the single destination for those who seek to trade their content in the most convenient and hassle-free manner. The portal aims to get the buyer available more information, in order to make better and more rational decisions for selecting the content they desire.

Key Features

  • Secure Platform.
  • Simplified interaction between content buyers and sellers
  • Easy access, secure & efficient transaction with reduced cost.
  • Media Exchange Platform – we offer content from across the world, which allows users to get diverse content on a single platform
  • Wide range of tools and services to participate in the global content market for multiple content offerings and distribution.

For content buyers and resellers

Irrespective of who you are – content buyers or resellers, we offer some compelling benefits. 

  • Hassle free, secure, convenient online platform.
  • Ability to check available licenses and conditions online.
  • Simple search and preview of a wide variety of content.
  • Content from across the globe.
  • Standardized terms and conditions eliminate the time-consuming negotiation process.
  • Reduced transaction cost.
  • Enhance client’s offerings in the most convenient and efficient way.
  • Use of recently licensed content for immediate distribution.

For Content Owners 

  • Profit from an efficient, rapid way to bring content to the market.
  • Extend the reach of your marketing and sales activities.
  • Stay in control of your licensing processes.
  • Leverage the potential of adding more distribution channels.
  • Reduced transaction cost.
  • Manage metadata and content rights for all your assets.
  • Get complete transparency of your revenue generation.